The Company

Established in 1993 as a craft business, Siera soon develops refined skills in processing metal tubes and in providing customized services.

It ensures high quality standards in realizing on tubes, sheets, section bars and drawn products a full range of metal processes and treatments such as bending, milling, turning, cutting, deburring, shaping, welding, flowdrilling and satinizing.

Processes and products

Siera carries out a complete range of metal processing on tubes and profiles such as:
  • bending and bending;
  • cutting, milling and turning;
  • welding, fluid drilling, satin finishing;
  • deburring, shaping, etc.
We also produce custom-made metal parts and details.

Our Values

All products and manufacture are realized in collaboration with and/or based on the design or sample provided by the customer, who remains at the center of our company philosophy. The values we are inspired by are quality and reliability, combined with a propensity for continuous improvement and innovation.

Thanks to the seriousness that distinguishes us, we have been able to satisfy the most demanding companies, located in the Veneto region, Italy, and abroad, maintaining over time characteristics of flexibility, continuity, reliability, and quick decision-making. The products and services offered have been synonymous with guarantee, creativity, and professionalism for years.


The Italian artisan quality.


Advanced and precision technology.


Made-to-measure stainless steel processing.


Qualified and professional team.