Deformation of Stainless Steel and Other Metal Tubes

Siera specializes in the deformation, tapering and beading of pipes for the creation of customized products for each sector: furniture, HO.RE.CA., plumbing and many others.

The term deformation can mean multiple types of processing of stainless-steel pipes and other materials, for the most diverse purposes.

This type of intervention can be performed both at the ends and along the pipe.

Among the various types of deformation of the ends of the pipes, Siera specializes in tapering and edging.

The first consists in the reduction or enlargement of the diameter of a pipe in a mechanical way and without resorting to welding.

One purpose of this process may be to obtain several tubes of the same diameter, for greater ease in the assembly and coupling phase (such as in the case of scaffolding tubes).

The edging, on the other hand, allows you to create an edge at the end of a tube, in order to eliminate any fraying or sharp edges.

As for the processing along the tube, we can carry out punching, calibration and ovalization interventions.

By punching we can go and make special markings or holes along the tube. On the other hand, with calibration or ovalization, one goes to intervene on the diameter of the tube, making it respectively rounder or more oval.

Thanks to high-precision machinery and craftsmanship, we are able to perform deformations on pipes of the most different diameters and materials, be they in stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper, or other, according to different needs.

Our decades of experience allow us to carry out your projects starting from a drawing or a sample, offering you a tailor-made product with the quality of made in Italy.

Bending Stainless Steel in Conegliano, Treviso and Padua

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Stainless Steel Components Processing


Stainless Steel Components Processing


Stainless steel Components Processing


Stainless Steel Components Processing


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